A Resolution

None of my friends shared their resolutions for the New Year.  I did not ask.  I assume I am like most people and want to improve the macro parts of life: health, professional accomplishment and family.  But it is how I move towards these goals I would like to share.  Swiftly and quietly focusing on listening, and encouraging listing, everywhere and with everyone important to me.  Opportunity will not be ignored, as my nature is to seek it out. 

I have surrendered to the crazybusy cycle, and instead of trying to turn back the clock, I am looking for a better clock: one with more hands, running on a rate faster than seconds. I am looking for better technology to save me before I fall off the edge I am dancing on.

- Stowe Boyd, A Chat with Linda Stone, April 2006

The recent Turkle tirade against selfies (masterfully skewered by  Jason Feifer) got me thinking about an earlier anti-newness declaimer, Linda Stone, and her jeremiad against continuous partial attention a few years back. So I pulled the above from something I wrote about her participation in the War On Flow. 

The folks bitching about selfies aren’t complaining about ‘documenting our lives’, they say they are advocating for us paying attention to what is going on where we are at any minute. Mindfulness. Investment. Blah blah blah.

But what they really are saying is that we should not remain connected to all the people in our lives who are *not* with us in this moment, who are halfway around the world, or across town. The ones we share the selfies with, or who we are texting, or posting to Tumblr for.

They are waging a war against living in a state of connection, living in a shared stream of involvement. They are like the school teachers that wanted us to sit still and keep our hands folded on the desk at all times, and never pay attention to the birds flying outside the window, or who was walking down the hall. And we were to never whisper or pass notes in class.

Fuck that.

As I say above, it’s a matter of trying to cram more into every day, every second. And selfies, Twitter, and whatever else comes along that helps me do that, I’m down. I’m in. And Stone, Turkle, and all of those finger-wagging, anti-connection scolds can bark at the moon all they want, but it won’t stop us from searching for a better clock: one with more hands, running at a rate faster than seconds.

(via stoweboyd)


(via stoweboyd)

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I’ve lived in San Francisco a combined 13 years.  The combination of location, commerce and community have made it a magical place for living.  When I first heard of propositions B&C they sounded like the kind of  propositions that might benefit the city by adding needed housing, jobs and beautification to the waterfront.  My feelings have changed.  The simple fact that the height of the buildings will be greater than the old Embarcadero freeway leads me to believe this is another land and money grab by special interests.  Additionally, anytime our ex-Mayor, Gavin Newsom, supports a project I question the motivation since it was under his watch the city lost the 49ers to the suburbs.  


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